How it works?

  1. Employer set up the questions for interview and attached them with the job post.
  2. Candidate selects the job and click on Start video Interview to answer the questions, then submits it to the employer.
  3. Employer review it and sends you notifications during the hiring process.

Candidate Benefits:

  1. Start interview as soon as you find a job fit your ambitions, No more endless wait for an interview call after submitting your CV.
  2. No more travel from one location to another to attend interviews. Never take a day off for your job search
  3. No sneaking out of work for an interview
  4. Allows you to demonstrate your professionalism and energy at employer screen.
  5. Increased your chance of being screened as employer may screen more candidates virtually than they would in-person
  6. You can choose the most comfortable place for an interview at any time , even at midnight or days off.
  7. Minimizes inconsistencies between interviews due to the interviewer such as: “having a bad day,” running late for another meeting, getting interrupted by colleagues, or phone calls.